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History is full of rebels, all of them with an axe to grind or a chip to carry. If it isn’t the Luddites smashing weaving machines, it’s the Communards of the Paris Commune mounting the barricades in 1871, so forming the basis of smash-hit West End musicals.

 The Dark Lane Quarterly Collaborative is not designed to halt progress. We aren’t cyber-Canutes, on a deranged mission to hold back the tidal wave of blogs, tweets and forums that increasingly act as online information conduits or storytelling portals. It’s just that we don’t want to book your face or invade your MySpace to get our message across. We just like the idea of books printed on paper. With covers. And illustrations. Like the old-fashioned printers who just cannot let go of their letterpresses or woodblocks, we recognize the inherent beauty of the book itself. The wonderful tactility of it; the dog-eared shabbiness of a folded corner, the gorgeous imprint of tiny black letters inked onto textured paper;  the put-it-in-your-pocket-and-read-it-on-the-bus-nature of the object that simply cannot be recreated by blinking pixels on a flat plasma screen.

 When you pick up the Quarterly we simply hope to share our love of the culture of books and of writing stories with the innocent intention of entertaining you, the Reader. We have created it so that you may partake in the simple, yet wondrous miracle of invention that is the printed page.

The Dark Lane Quarterly Collaborative was concieved as a free small press magazine for writing, poetry and artwork.  It has no editor; rather it is produced and paid for by its regular contributors, all of whom are free to submit what they wish.  The magazine currently has a print run of 500 copies, and a growing PDF subsciption list.  It is based in Bristol and Manchester, UK, and copies are distributed in and around these cities.

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