Dark Lane Books



Current table of contents:

Geeselight by Louis Rakovich

The Art of Dying by K.J. Bishop

The Sleeper by Tim Major

Harbingers by Steven L Peck

Urban Tracker by Rebecca Llloyd

Their King by Christopher Waltz

A Gift From the Borders by Charles Wilkinson

Don't Blame the Dead by F. Charles Murdock

Selma: The Self Aware Selfie Stick by David Elliott

Clean by William B Squirrell

The Shudderman by Tim Jeffreys

Hans The Short and the Giant of Nemi by Terence Kuch

On Earth As It Is In Nothing by Marc E Fitch

Moving Away, Closer by Rhoads Brazos

The Loco by Damon King

Fine Print by Mallory Hobson 

The Sea Is In My Blood by Deborah Walker 

Three Tales by Louis Rakovich

Listen to the Deaf Man Sing by Edward Ahern

The Ejection Fraction by Stephen McQuiggan 

The Irregulars by Gavin Bradley

The Hungers by Robert Pope




Hagbound by Rebecca Llloyd

There Used to be Places by Louis Rakovich

The House Lights Dim by Tim Major

The Pride of Torreponciano by Tim Jeffreys

Bad Memories by James Everington

This is How You Lose Yourself by L.S. Johnson

The Squeaky Wheel by David Elliott

Racing to Red Lights by Damon King

Frida Feeds the Roses in the Garden of Her Secret Heart by F.Charles Murdock

Ask Three Old Men by S.P. Lazarus

What I Now Eat Every Day by Beau Johnson

Midnight Rainbows by Matthew Lett

Lesson One by Rhoads Brazos

El Camino de la Corazon by Tim Jeffreys

Lopsided by Stewart Lowe

The Cupertino Effect by Jeremiah Murphy

Stone City Old As Immeasurable Time by Keldra Crich

The Darkness Hanging Over Us by Damon King

The Twilight Song by Patrik Certerwall

Respect For the Dead by Andrew Knighton

The Speaking Hill by Louis Rakovich

The Other Place Within by Jermey Hill




The Man Dogs Hated by James Everington

One Cup of Coffee by Matthew Lett

Desert Places by Carina Bissett

Strike Three by M.R. Cosby

Paper Child by Sana Aslam

Hooky Pook by George Cromack

<500 by Tim Jeffreys & Martin Greaves

Great Uncle Eltweed by Matthew M Bartlett

The Ressurection Spell by Tim Jeffreys

Everybody Needs One by David Elliott

Tanked by Beau Johnson

Going Nowhere by Michael McGlade

In Which It Goes Pop Jeremiah Murphy

The Man in the House in the Sea by Andrew Mackenzie

So There I Was by Michael S Walker

Moment of Time by B.M. Long

Minefields and Meadows by O.L. Humphries

Stool Fool by Douglas J Ogurek

Private Collection by B.M. Long

Christmas by Andrew Mackenzie

Lovebird by Tim Jeffreys

How the Howling Darkness Finds Me by F.Charles Murdock

Right Train, Wrong Destination by S.P. Lazarus

Dancing With the Trees by Jeremy Hill

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