Dark Lane Books


'Ada Awake' by L.S. Johnson

Next read L.S. Johnson's World Fantasy Award Nominated short fiction collection 'Vacui Magia'.

'Keeping' by Louis Rakovich

Next read Louis Rakovich's horror/fantasy novella 'The End of the Trail'. 

'The Stench' by Tim Jeffreys

Next read Tim Jeffreys' short fiction collection 'Another Shore

'Suckle His Poison' by Madeleine Swann.

Next read the collection of bizarro short stories 'The Filing Cabinet of Doom'. 

'Death of a Superhero' by Christopher Fielden.

Next read the flash fiction anthology 'Sensorially Challenged Vol.1'

'It's In The Bag' by Shannon Hollinger.

Read the short story 'Apocalypse How' in the zombie anthology 'Forever Hungry'.

'The Golden Ape' by Ariel Dodson.

Read the werewolf novel 'Blood Moon

'Stiltsville' by Timothy Delizza.

Read the novella 'Jerry (From Accounting)'. 

The Horseshoe Homes by Charles Wilkinson.

Read the ghost story 'Slimikins' in 'Shadows and Tall Trees Volume 7