Dark Lane Books


For each issue of Dark Lane Quarterly we will now be seeking one guest contributor.  Guest contributors will be selected by invitation only.  We are looking for people who want to showcase their work, along with ours, in each issue.  We will be looking for short fiction, poetry, and black and white artwork.

Anyone interested in becoming a guest contributor should send a few samples of their work, along with a short bio to us at thedarklane@yahoo.co.uk.  We will review your submission and, if interested, get back to you.

We will no longer be accepting unsolicted, 'one-off' submissions for consideration.

Guest Contributors will recieve three copies of the magazine in which their work appears.  They will also be listed on the contributors page as a guest contributor, with a weblink next to their name.  Guest magazine contributors may also be invited to submit work to future anthologies. 

Please name your Word or RTF file as follows: YourFullName.TitleOfWork.  Eg - JoeBloggs.AmazingStory.

Please note, this magazine is designed for public spaces so any overtly adult or potentially offensive material will not be suitable for inclusion.